Well, damn it, I'm a savage inhuman monster, too-- doesn't that entitle me to some rest?

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step 1: stop being an asshole

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failed step 1

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 I didn’t even read that message completely right, my eyes skipped over the word ‘huge’.

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Chris Evans and Stan Lee on the set of The Avengers

#this makes me really sad #because if you ignore the wiring and all the cameras and such #it looks like steve was just at that cafe #and he just happened to encounter one of his old friends from before #and at first he doesn’t recognize him because the man is short and wrinkled and old #but then he looks into his eyes #and they’re a little more worn and a little more sad #but he knows those eyes #and he remembers the laughter that used to play in those eyes #and when the man recognizes him #at first it’s awkward and uncomfortable #because how do you tell what would be an old friend that you’re just like you were when he last saw you #seventy years ago #but then he just gives you this small grin #and he’s got that same laughter in his eyes #and he says ‘long time no see huh rogers’ #and then for just a couple of minutes they’re laughing and talking as if nothing ever happened #as if seventy years hadn’t happened #and in the back of his head steve knows that it’s not the same and that it should be weird #but just for a few minutes#he lets himself forget #lets himself pretend #and just for a few minutes #the future isn’t so bad




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Rocket Raccoon comic images make both awesome and mildly awkward reaction pictures.

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I have a huge crush on you because not only are you beautiful but we share an interest in big cats. <3

I have a guess about who this might be,

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If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why.


shit gets real

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Endless list of underrated animated female characters 26/?: Mrs. Brisby

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